In September 2010 Memorygirl was challenged by a Mystery Mentor to become the trailblazer in an exciting new transatlantic experiment.

She was to be the first amongst her group of online friends to be mentored to create a Financially and Spiritually Abundant life from the ashes of her previous pre-credit crunch life.

For the full background, go to: and search for post 1506.

Supported by her online cheerleaders, she accepted the challenge - and will do her best to fulfil and excel at the tasks set by her mysterious transatlantic mentor.

All her online friends are invited to play along - because if Memorygirl drops the baton for Britain, someone else will be selected to be mentored in her place.

Let this exciting adventure begin .....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I do hope that you guys are progressing well with your 250 list.  I hope that you are reconnecting with those important people in your life and sharing with them  how much you appreciate their support.

But sometimes we are not our own best friends - are we?

So today - I want to gently introduce you to a powerful tool for you to hold in your own personal tool-kit.


Now what I don't want you to do is jump right on in and start making a huge list to beat yourself up with  - this is about being your own best friend, remember?

Instead this is a list - on which you are going to place ONE item.  This item is going to be the one most important thing that if you stopped doing it would take you a massive way towards your dream life.

  • My beloved lady stopped buying a snack bar every time she filled the car with gas - and lost 10lbs over a year. 
  • My old college room-mate stopped drinking alcohol, saved his marriage, his relationship with his kids and probably his life. 
  • I stopped "buying in" to a toxic friends "pity-party-for-one" on the phone every week because I realised he gave me such a downer it tooks me days to recover.
  • My Pop - well he stopped snoozing after dinner and started walking around the neighbourhood  and what doya know - hes an 90 year old with a string of younger lady friends now!!!

So what ONE thing would you tell yourself to stop doing if you were your very own best friend???

Mr Big

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