In September 2010 Memorygirl was challenged by a Mystery Mentor to become the trailblazer in an exciting new transatlantic experiment.

She was to be the first amongst her group of online friends to be mentored to create a Financially and Spiritually Abundant life from the ashes of her previous pre-credit crunch life.

For the full background, go to: and search for post 1506.

Supported by her online cheerleaders, she accepted the challenge - and will do her best to fulfil and excel at the tasks set by her mysterious transatlantic mentor.

All her online friends are invited to play along - because if Memorygirl drops the baton for Britain, someone else will be selected to be mentored in her place.

Let this exciting adventure begin .....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I do hope that you guys are progressing well with your 250 list.  I hope that you are reconnecting with those important people in your life and sharing with them  how much you appreciate their support.

But sometimes we are not our own best friends - are we?

So today - I want to gently introduce you to a powerful tool for you to hold in your own personal tool-kit.


Now what I don't want you to do is jump right on in and start making a huge list to beat yourself up with  - this is about being your own best friend, remember?

Instead this is a list - on which you are going to place ONE item.  This item is going to be the one most important thing that if you stopped doing it would take you a massive way towards your dream life.

  • My beloved lady stopped buying a snack bar every time she filled the car with gas - and lost 10lbs over a year. 
  • My old college room-mate stopped drinking alcohol, saved his marriage, his relationship with his kids and probably his life. 
  • I stopped "buying in" to a toxic friends "pity-party-for-one" on the phone every week because I realised he gave me such a downer it tooks me days to recover.
  • My Pop - well he stopped snoozing after dinner and started walking around the neighbourhood  and what doya know - hes an 90 year old with a string of younger lady friends now!!!

So what ONE thing would you tell yourself to stop doing if you were your very own best friend???

Mr Big

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


So I’m hoping by now you have clearer idea of those special 20% of the people in your life that create 80% of your abundance and your joy.
Today’s challenge is quite simple  – between now and Christmas I want you to personally be in touch with each and every one of those people and share with them your hopes and dreams for 2011 and beyond.
Now with your nearest and dearest that conversation is going to look and sound quite different than if you are talking with your biggest client.  But be open, to being open, with your business associates – one of the most supportive relationships have is from a previously top client of mine.  I say previously because he is now retired and although I still do business with his organisation there is no longer such a special connection.
We met for the standard “business drink” – only this time I set the intention that we would have a “real conversation” – you know what I mean ladies?  Not about sports and business, but about hopes, dreams, loves and families.  From that conversation onward we both had a strong feeling that we really “knew” on another.
So be open, be able to share and be able to listen.  Be willing to offer help without reservation – and have a guess how the universe will reciprocate?
Find out what makes that person tick – can you keep in touch by jokey email (males) or by a personally penned note (ladies).  If they reveal a secret vice for a certain sweet – pop a packet in the post the next time you think about them – a desire to travel to Hawaii? – send a poster to hang above their desk.
Your aim for 2011 is to thank these special people for being in your life – and to create a spiral of reciprocation and abundance so that more people, exactly like your top 20% are attracted into your life to replace the bottom 20% that are slowly, and with love, drifting off to make other attachments.
Mr Big

Sunday, 3 October 2010


So do you remember when we talked about creating your 250 list - the list that is going to be your "Golden Rolodex" on the way to creatingyour dream life??

Well time to put that list to work a little - so pop off and get it sitting in front of you - ready?

To paraphrase Pareto and his 80/20 rules here are my assumptions.

20% of the people on this list (up to 50) will be the people that add the most value to your life.  They will support you the most, refer you the most business, generate the most sales and in general be the 20% that creates 80% of the abundance and joy in your life. So I want you rank all these people that really contribute towards your goals with an A.

A= Abundance.

There (because everything in the universe needs to be in balance) is also a corresponding 20% of your list, that quite frankly create 80% of the hassle in your life. They are unsupportive, don't return calls, don't pay on time - or at all!!! and are quite literally a drain on your energy reserves whenever you even think about dealing with them.  This 20% I want you to mark with a D.

D = Ditch.

Now I am hoping that you are left with a list that has roughly 150 names on it.  Using your first gut reaction I would like you to rank the rest into two fairly even piles of:

B - build better bonds

C - cultivate relationship

One pen, Four little letters - thats all I need you to do tonight.

Now go celebrate and do something cool with a loved on - or even better, what about a pamper party for one.?

We will come back to your list in a few days.

Mr Big

Friday, 1 October 2010


It's a sad fact, but true.  We as humans more often will make decisions based on moving away from pain rather than moving towards pleasure.

I'm sure you can all recall a place in your life where you reached the "here and no further" point.  A tipping point in your life after which you got moving, got motivated and achieved something truly remarkable.

Memorygirl has written about her "71p and three nappies" moment - the moment when she realised that everything she had worked for had been wiped away in one swoop.  Her life truly changed in that moment.  But I truly believe that her true tipping point moment came when her Tax Credits were stopped with no notice and she was told they wouldn't be reinstated for several weeks.  Thats when she reached her "here and no further" point that go her truly moving.  Like a mother tiger protectig her cubs she swung into action and did something, anything that would keep food on the table.  That one point could be the tipping point that defines her whole future.

Very often these points are moments of great pain for us - moments we want to leave behind us as quickly as possible.  But I believe they should also be points in our live that should be honoured as the gifts from the universe that they truly are.

So your challenge this evening is to identify the most recent tipping point in your life, to write it down quickly and without emotionally dwelling on it too deeply,seal it in an envelope and address to yourself to opened with your other Christmas Eve 2011 letters.

Remember that point was in the past - and "now you know better you do better" - so no beating yourself up.  Instead celebrate the remarkable and strong person you are to have moved through that period of your life and into the place you inhabit now.

Mr Big

Sunday, 26 September 2010


So what do you do for a living?  What is it that fills your hours between 9 to 5?  And here's the kicker - does it make your heart sing? or does it just safely pay the bills?

Designing a life for yourself is not about, throwing in the job and striking out on your own.  Although I must confess that there are always people who will jump right on in with both feet and do just that.

Perhaps the question that would be a better one to change your thinking, change your midset, change the route of your life would be;

"What do you do between 5 and 9?" Yes you read that right - turn that sucker on its head.

Most new enterprises start in the twillight hours - a few hours here,a few hours there and few hours at the weekend.  As my Nona used to say "you don't have to throw the Baby out with the bathwater"

Lose an hour of TV per night, 7 per week, 364 hours per year.  Most of us work a 22 day month - so thats the equivalent of two an a half months of working time added onto your year right there.

What could you achieve if you had two and a half months to dedicate to it - learn an instrument, write a book, apply for a new job, find a great relationship?

Makes you kinda think doesn't it?

So what do you do in your 5 - 9?

Mr Big

Saturday, 25 September 2010


This has been written in advance – so I sure hope you guys have had a productive day together.  I can’t wait till I log in and find out what y’all up to.

A quotation from the great Benjamin Franklin to ponder:

“If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him.  An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

In times of recession “what” you know is as important as “who” you know.  Now getting y’all working together to form the Memorygirl Matrix is an exciting and powerful way of maximising “who” you know.

My question for you tonight – is do you know what your future “investments in knowledge” need to be? Have you identified the “what” that you need to know but are missing?

Set it down on paper, set a goal, set an intention that the universe will send you the right teacher at the right time for you to effortlessly acquire that knowledge gap.

Knowledge is power – even better, knowledge is empowering.

So “what” do you need to know?

Mr Big

And you all thought it was a fortuitous that I chose to work with an expert in the “learning how to learn” field?  That was the intention I set x

Friday, 24 September 2010


Hope you are having a fabulous Friday

I am packed and ready to head over to your side of the pond for a couple of days in London and then onward to Scotland. 

I intend to meet Memorygirl on Monday afternoon – what she doesn’t know is that I have arranged an “audition” before we have tea.  Before we go too much further I want to see her “onstage and in the flesh” – so some of the business exec’s I will be talking to on Monday night will arrive early to see her in action for a 40 minute presentation.

Hope you are ready to grab this opportunity with both hands Memorygirl?

Now tonight, I had a nice chunky piece of homework for you to get your teeth into over the weekend – but after reading Memorygirl’s post this morning on the forum I decided to throw out my plans and go with the flow.

I love the idea of you all working together to create massive shifts in your individual lives – whether that is getting off benefits, changing job, creating a business, downshifting or just creating a peaceful more tranquil life.  I’ve also been toying with Memorygirl’s 15 minute exercise – where you set a timer and go off and do something for fifteen minutes.

My suggestion is that an email list of everyone who wants to play “join the dots” is compiled and then one by one you can ask the collective for the bit of help that will really help you make the next massive leap.  The action should take no more than 15 minutes so that it is easy and fast for everyone to contribute to.

So – our virtual PA wants to be in contact with Accountants that have clients who may use her services.  Your task would not be to sell her services, but instead to hit the phone, your contacts – your accountant next door and in 15 minutes find as many accountants who would “put their hand up” and be interested in hearing more about her services. Then to simply feed her back their details.

15 minutes is not a lot – but when you multiply that by say 100 people in the Memorygirl Matrix – then you have the equivalent of 100 x 15  which is 25 hours worth of value instantly added to everyone’s goals.

Incidentally, this is not something I would be suggesting here in the States – you guys have a remarkable “what can I do for you?” attitude, here it’s more a “what’s in it for me” kinda thing.

So your homework until Sunday evening is:

If you could ask 100 people to do something for 15 minutes to catapult you forward – what would that thing be?

Then make sure that Memorygirl gets your email details and she will send you a quick form to fill out for you to write your “dream to reality wish” on.

And I will sit here and watch the magic unfold.

Mr Big